Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Speed Racer

I'm like 4 days late in posting this blog, which means I either need to post it now, or just wait a couple more days and put 2 weeks worth of stuff into 1 blog. And that would just be here it is..............

Running: I started with a bang, did some speed, but ended with a bust......

  • I started the week strong; running 3.3 miles on Monday and 2.22 on Tuesday.
  • Wednesday night was the timed 1-mile run for Karate. During my 1st degree black belt cycle, the timed runs were something I dreaded. Mostly because of my runner's knee. It hurt to run, and it hurt badly when I ran fast. Now that I am "in training for a marathon", I've been running almost exclusively for distance, and very little for speed. But, I came to the timed run with the expectation that I was going to do my best and I still have time to work on my "speed". So I hydrated well, used my inhaler, ran a warm up 1/2 mile and had my "secret weapon" on my ipod. I started with a fast pace and kept it up; 3:38 was the 1/2 mile split time. The last 1/2 mile I really had to push myself; my lungs hurt a bit, my legs hurt a little , but I was running fast!!!! I finished the mile in 7:15; I can't remember when I ran that fast. I was so excited!!!! So excited that I came home and ran some more, finishing the night with a total of 4.7 miles.
  • Saturday was to be my long run day, 16 or so miles. I drove to the beach and it was way too windy. So I went to the running park and ran 4 miles in 35:50. I really need to find some more good places to do longer runs, like between 4 and 8 miles long. I didn't run at all on Sunday. I'm not quite sure why......
  • For the week, I ran a total of 13+ miles, far shy of what I needed to do.

Quit Report: 2 months and going strong!

  • As of April 6th, it has been 2 months of NO SMOKING!!!! It's funny because for the most part, I go through my day and don't think about smoking. But at the wierdest times, I will think about wanting a smoke; and it's not at the "typical" times, like after a meal.
  • When I walk by someone who is smoking, I still like the smell. I wonder how long it will take till I think that smell is repulsive; that is, how long till I become that obnoxious former-smoker, anti-smoking activist!!! I know it will happen, I've seen it before...... The ex-smokers are usually the worse!


  • Monday, I got the call! Yeah!!! But wait, it's just that they need me to complete an application, provide references and give my authorization to do background check. OK, I can do that!

  • Friday, I got another call. This one was the offer!!! The $$$ was right in line with what I was looking for and vacation time is very close to what I have now. I'd says this is a GO!!!! My next step is to go in and sign the offer letter and do a drug screen.

  • So over the weekend I typed up my resignation letter; nothing fancy, nothing saying that I'm leaving for another/better opportunities, etc. Basically I told my manager what my last day would be and I thanked her for all her "kindnesses". She taught me a lot about mail order pharmacy and was there for me during the struggles we had opening the new facility.

That's all for the week......stay tuned for future episodes of Dani Changes Her Job Again?!?!


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