Monday, August 30, 2010

I am a Runner for Life

I've always been a runner. Maybe running for different reasons, or running different distances, but always running.

A few years ago, I started blogging about my running. I had decided to run my 1st marathon and thought that blogging would be a good idea to "keep me honest" in my training, as well as document my experiences (just in case I was crazy enough to want to run another marathon).

The blogging did help keep me from "slacking off"; I certainly couldn't publish that I really felt like taking a nap and eating a quart of Hagen Daz. No, I had to go run that 6, 8 or 12 miles and dammit, I was going to enjoy it. And truth be told; I always did end up enjoying it. I enjoyed the time to myself, no kids or spouse or employees screaming my name or needing something from me. I enjoyed being able to let my brain "race" freely about anything. I wasn't trying to solve the worlds problems, but I felt empowered that I could if I really wanted to. Blogging about my runs helped to reinforce and remind me of those positive experiences.

Running, and blogging about it, also helped me "tune out" the "negatives" in my life; primarily a marriage that was irretrieveably broken. But some things can only be tuned out for so long. And eventually, I allowed the negatives in my life to overtake the positives and started "tuning out" the things that were positive in my life (running/karate/blogging). And it became a viscous cycle where it is harder and harder to overcome the negatives.

But I am blessed with good friends and a strong martial arts foundation that continually focuses on the positives. And I'm back where I need to be; stronger, healthier, happier, focused and ready for my next next marathon.......I'm thinking Big Sur in May 2011?????

Even though I'm not sure what I'm training for, I have dubbed this past week as Training Week #1; and what a great training week it was!!!!
  • 8/22 Sun: 2 miles: no time; garmin battery dead :(
  • 8/23 Mon: Karate (ab night; 120+???)
  • 8/24 Tues: Rest Day
  • 8/25 Wed: 2.6 miles(24:15; 9:23/pace); 1/2 mile dog sprint; 3x30 PU, 3 x 30 SU
  • 8/26 Thur: Rest Day
  • 8/27 Fri: Rest Day
  • 8/28 Sat: 2 miles (19:30; 9:45/pace); 1/2 mile dog sprint; 4x25PU, 4x25 SU; Karate (sparring); 4 x 30SU
  • Sun: 4 miles (42:32); 5x25 SU; Gym: back/shoulders/chest/bis & tris

Till my next installment, Run long and Run strong......