Saturday, April 19, 2008

Good-bye minivan


Monday: Time to break in the new running shoes! I ran the 2-mile loop from the dojo to 62nd street and back 2 times; so, I did 4 miles in approx. 36 minutes. I went straight from work to the dojo and didn't pack my Garmin with my running gear. The new shoes felt ok; definitely "lighter" than the brooks. I didn't put my orthotics in the Nike's, and I felt some heel pain.

Wednesday: Didn't go to work today.....After dropping the kids off at school, stopped by the drug store for some heel inserts for the new sneakers. South Florida was in the midst of a "cold front" and the temp was upper 50's, lower 60's, perfect running weather. So I put the new heel pads in the new shoes and went for a 7 mile run in 1:07:40.

Saturday: After karate candidate class, we had another 2 mile timed run. Since I already "made my time" last week, I figured I didn't need to go "all out". Instead, I figured I'd run a bit slower, especially since I knew I was going to do my long run that night and didn't want to "stress" my legs/knee. I pretty much ran the entire run next to 2 younger boys (9 or 10 years old). My "mother" instinct kicked in and I made it my "job" to make sure they didn't slow down. I finished my 2 miles in 15:38, only 14 seconds slower than last week. So much for "taking it easy"! Like last week, I was the fastest female. This still blows my mind. I know I have put a lot of effort into my running; all the miles I run, as well as quitting smoking. But the feeling I have knowing that I was the slowest during my 1st degree cycle and to now be the fastest female in my 2nd degree cycle, it's beyond words!!

Saturday (part II-The "Long Run"): I really had to push myself out the door tonight for my long run. I started later that I should have. And, Mark was at work, Lauren was at a friend's house, that left Ryan. Rather than take him to Grandma's, I let him stay home alone. He'll be 11 next month and knows all the rules; don't answer the door, don't answer the telephone unless it's family; don't use the stove/microwave/toaster. I started with a course similar to Wednesday's 7 mile run, and lengthened it. Still, because it was late, I ended the run at 11.37 miles in 2:00:35.

Karate: Exam/Demo Week

Monday: Demo practice! I was a part of the Muay Thai demonstration; each person did 3 combinations. My "side" did (1) Jab, Cross, Hook, Right 180, Lead Round kick; (2) Left front kick, left Axe kick; Jab, Cross; Left roundhouse kick, Right 180; (3) "thread the needle", right knee, left knee; right 180 low kick. Then I held pads for my partners 3 combos. I was also a part of Kamaset 2.

Wednesday: Exam night! Demo went well! The performance was high energy!

Saturday: Candidate Class.....started with the "obstacle course" run (trampolines & cones), then had some conditioning work and finished with first 4 katas (appreciation form, short 1, long 1, short 2).

My Good-bye week....

Good-bye to work: Thursday night, a bunch of people took me to dinner. We went to a very nice Italian restaurant; they must have know Italian food is my favorite!!! It was great; good food, good people. Friday at work, during lunch break, David and Victoria got 2 cakes (one chocolate, one vanilla); they were yummy!!! Marina gave me roses; how sweet!!! I got 2 cards, signed by so many people. And, a book of quotes (I love quotes!!! How did they know!?!?) plus very generous gift cards. It was so sad; I really developed a lot of friendships there. But, I sent out my personal email address and cell phone # so they can all stay in touch. It was kinda surprising; I really didn't say where I was going or what position I was taking, but so many people came up to me to indicate that if my "new place" needed people, they would come over (because of me). I was told that Shirley (God love her!) went to the site manager and told her that "Dani was a good manager, everyone will miss her".

Good-bye Minivan: Yeah! Yeah! I traded in the '97 minivan and got back into my Jeep. I loved my 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee. It had a few minor (expensive) mechanical issues and was labeled a "lemon" by a certain person who shall remain nameless. So, I traded it in for a 2006 Dodge Durango. But, since Mark took over the Durango leaving me in the minivan, it was time to get my Jeep back! And I did. This one is even better; it has more bells & whistles! It's got a power passenger seat, rain sensor wipers, hands-free phone, back-up monitor, plus, it's got a navigational system. On our California vacation, we called the rental car's GPS "Shiela". The Jeep's nav system has been christened by the kids as "Gina" the Jeep GPS!!!! The '06 is the newer Jeep body style which I originally wasn't thrilled with; I liked the '03 style better, it was less "boxy". But, the new style has grown on me.

Good-bye for this week!

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