Thursday, April 10, 2008

Speed Racer II

Running/Karate: Was last weeks timed run a fluke?
  • Wednesday we had another timed 1-mile run for karate. Last week I ran the mile in 7:15 but struggled the last 1/2 to 1/4 mile because I had started too fast. So this week my plan was to start "slower" and pace myself better. I put a different "secret weapon song" with a slightly slower tempo on my ipod. I hydrated well, used my inhaler, ran a 1/2 mile warm-up; all the same things I did last week. I ran next to Dylan (she's awesome!) and we were running what seemed to be a "good pace". I didn't hear the 1/2 mile split time, but I figured it was "good" (good being anything less than 4 minutes). Finishing the run, I felt very strong; sprinting the last 1/10th mile to finish with a time of 7:08. How could that be? It felt like I ran slower but I had a better time! I think when I run with other people, I lengthen my stride and do much better with staying on pace.

  • Saturday morning (after a pretty intense candidate class) we had a 2nd timed run for karate. Initially, we were told it would be 1 mile. But as we lined up, it was announced (Surprise!) that it was going to be 2 miles. I wasn't too thrilled to hear that for a several reasons. First, I hadn't eaten that morning and was feeling really hungry. Second, I hadn't used my inhaler. Third, it was sunny and hot. And fourth, I wasn't hydrated well. But, the run started and off I went. I had my headphones on and didn't hear any split times. But, I was in the front 1/3 of runners so I figured my time would be ok. I finished my 2-miler in 15:24!!! So, for my 1st degree black belt, it took me 12 weeks to get my run time; now for my 2nd degree, I have achieved the run time in the 1st week. Not too shabby!! All the miles I have run as well as my quitting smoking have definitely paid off!

  • For the week, I got in a total of 15.57 miles; another low-mileage week. It's getting really tough with scheduling to find the time to get in the miles.............

  • This week was "officially" week #1 for Black Belt cycle on my way to getting my 2nd degree. I had my 1st candidate class on Saturday morning. It was good; lots of cardio. I got in my 4 "regular" classes plus 3 "SWAT" classes. SWAT stands for Special Winning Attitude Team; basically, we assist the instructors in the lower classes. By helping to "teach" others, it improves & strengthens our skills. I enjoy SWATTING; I like being able to meet the new students and help them to improve their skills.

Pharmacy: A bittersweet resignation

  • So Monday morning, I put in my resignation. I was kind of psyched when my manager (TK) told me "she wouldn't accept it". I know how much I have contributed; it's just nice to get confirmation and hear that I was a value to the organization and would be missed.

  • I do appreciate all that my manager taught me about mail order pharmacy. When I was in a management position, she and I went through some harried times together; she saw me at my best and my worst. We were on conference calls at 6am on Sunday mornings, we were "pushing" orders through and running them to FedEx next door before they closed at 8pm, we were hiring, we were firing, we were training, we were handling escalated issues, we were doing the work of 3 or 4 people each. We "outlived" Frank the Finance "Meanie". I can honestly say that this was the toughest job I have ever had but it was also the job I learned the most from.

  • I put my resignation in with mixed feelings. While I am excited about my new position, I am sad that I am leaving alot of people that I really like and enjoy working with! It's kind of like breaking up with a boyfriend. The guy's a jerk, but you hate to "lose" his mom & sister! When I made the decision that I could no longer be a manager, I requested to step down to a staff pharmacist position. I wanted to stay with the company because I "believed" in the organization and liked my co-workers. The job "per se" wasn't very challenging and the facility's micromanagement style wasn't what I was used to working with, but the people I worked with were great, (well most of them!!!LOL).

  • Before mail order, I had worked for Publix Supermarkets for 21 years. Publix was my 2nd family! I started as a cashier in high school, moving up to cash office, HBC clerk, pharmacy technician, pharmacist and Pharmacy Supervisor. I was part of Publix Pharmacy from day 1 when they started putting pharmacies in Publix stores. Although I left Pubix for valid reasons, I have since discovered that the values and beliefs that existed at Publix are not embraced by other companies. Here's hoping the new position brings me back to the values I was "raised" on .......

.....7 weeks till my marathon.....time is just flying by....


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