Sunday, March 2, 2008

my race report on Phedippidations!

Running.....guilt is mounting.....only ran 2 days this week :(

Tuesday: Speed work day. I started with a 1 mile warm up (10: 41), then ran 4 intervals of 1/2 mile (4:56, 4:53, 4:31, 4:02) and finished with a "cool down" of 1.18 miles in 10:05. Yes, the "cool down" was a bit fast. As I was starting it, Mark came out to run our dog Ali, so I decided to join them. I thought it would be nice to run as a family; well, Ali ran with me, Mark rode the bike! The first lap around the island, Ali was in the lead. But, by the 2nd lap, I had taken the lead. Yes, I am competitive, even with my dog! After the run, I did my karate "extras". This week it was push-ups and leg lift sit-ups in pyramid formation; 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 20, 15, 10, 5 (total of 125). By the last set (5), you arms or abs are like putty, they hurt so bad. But, the results are worth it!!

Thursday: Got home from work and was in a funky mood; kinda tired, kinda blah. So, I decided to make it a "rest day" and chilled on the couch with a glass of wine watching TV. I rarely watch TV, but HGTV and the Food Network (especially Alton Brown, Bobby Flay and Duff from Ace of Cakes) are my exceptions!

Saturday: Yeah!!! Long run day!!! I needed to get my run in early today; so I was up at 6am and at the beach by 7 am. I started at Las Olas and ran north to just past Commercial Blvd, then turned back to the starting point. I ran 10.98 miles in 1:54:24. The weather was nice, my legs felt good, my time was improving; all things that make for a good run. But today, I had a GREAT run!. Why was it great? Well, at about 45-50 minutes into my run, I totally freaked out. I was listening to my favorite running podcast (Phedippidations, #134-Online Training Logs) and heard my name. I had sent in my race report for the Miami ING half-marathon and Steve Runner was reading it on the podcast!!! How cool is that!!! I broke out into a huge smile and picked up the pace (I think I floated for about 1 mile!). I love listening to Phideppidations mostly because of the race reports and stories of other runners. They are uplifting and inspiring; many have brought tears to my eye! And to think that I was chosen to be one of those "stories"! I don't see myself as inspirational, I see myself as that person who needs inspiration and needs motivation; that's why I listen to the podcast!!! I added the podcast player to the sidebar of this blog; check it out!

  • Overall, it was a good running week. Even though I only got in 2 runs, they were 2 good runs. I have 13 weeks till my 1st marathon and I'm becoming bipolar. One day I am so psyched, I CAN DO IT!!! The next day, I'M NOT SURE I CAN DO IT. But this week I'm feeling more of the I CAN DO IT attitude!

Karate.......Got in 3 classes; Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

Did my "B" day (bugo, sparring) on Wednesday. I tend to go to the 8:30pm class on Mondays and Wednesdays (versus the 7:30pm class on Tuesdays and Thursdays) because it works better for the family schedule. The only problem is the 8:30 classes has fewer people since not too many like to work out that late at night. It really hasn't been a problem.....UNTIL TONIGHT!!!

After the warm-ups, they split the class; the intermediate belts went to dojo 1 and the advanced belts stayed in dojo 2. Well, there were only 11 students in the advanced group and I was the only female. So, I had to spar with the guys. The initial 2 rounds were with a "teen-aged" high-red belt (getting his black belt in April); the rounds went well. Then I sparred with Slade....... he's about Mark's size (BIG!!!) and tough. I felt totally intimidated and couldn't do anything right. The next 2 rounds were with another high-red belt and a red-belt; the last round was with Norm (black-belt). One of the main things I really need to and want to work on for my 2nd degree black belt is my confidence in bugo. It seems like I'll have a couple of good classes then one "bad" one; you know, one step forward and two steps backwards. (sigh) Bugo will always be the thorn in my side................

Fun Stuff
Saturday night we hosted a birthday party for my friend and co-worker, Karen, on the occasion of her birthday! I'll go ahead and say that the party was a success!! I had the easy job of having the party at my house! Beth took charge of decorations and the cake. She made the house look beautiful (and very purple!!!). The cake she ordered was phenomenal (and very tasty!!!). Ernie made 3 different types of enchiladas; they were all yummy and spicy!! Nellie made the mini-burgers and awesome maccaroni salad (if I do say so myself). As usual, we had way too much food!!! The guests kept busy with conversation, pool (the game, not the backyard fixure), and "Rock Band". If pharmacy doesn't work out, some of the guests may have a 2nd career in music!!! But I think the highlight of the night was Ernie's rendition of "What is it?"; I will never hear that song again the same way.................

Gosh, this was another busy, jam packed week. It's kinda funny; I ran into someone today that I haven't seen in awhile. In "catching up with each other", I said, "nothing's new; same old, same old". I think we have been conditioned to think that only "big" things are "important" things. I didn't have news of career change, no news of divorce, no major purchases. But, had I taken the time to really look back at the past week or the past month, I could have reported on a lot of "new" and cool stuff that has happened. It truly is the little things in life that are the most important..................

Quit Update

  • Today (3/2/08) is 26 days without a cigarette................

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