Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Longest Run

Here's Lauren holding the 10 and 1/2 inches of her hair she's donating to Locks of Love. I'm so proud of her!


Monday I did my 4-miler behind the karate dojo in 38:05. I really like that run! It's a straight run, up and back 2 times. Plus, it's in a residential area and I'm running at the time when people are taking their evening walks or are out walking their dogs. So it's a "friendly" run.

Wednesday's run was 5.14 miles in 47:52; not too bad! Saturday I was supposed to do a timed 2-mile run after karate candidate class. But I had to leave because of the kids' softball and bowling. So instead, I ran that night around the island, doing 3 miles in 27:04.

Running is supposed to be an simple sport; all you need is a pair of running shoes. Yeah right; maybe if you are only running one mile. But this week, it was time for my last and longest long run. Yep, my 20-miler. So, Saturday night I had to do some prep work. Sunscreen, check. Sunglasses, check. Hat, check. Cran-razzberry shot blocks, check. Garmin watch (charged!!), check; heart rate monitor, check. Non-chafing socks, check. Ipod loaded with favorite running podcasts, check. Chilled bottle of water and warm bottle of sports drink, check, check, check!!! OK, off to bed to rest up for the morning run.

Sunday morning I was up at 5am, showered and had my usual cup of coffee and a Luna protein bar. Then all of a sudden, oh no, the GI rumble........and.....then.... well, I won't go into specifics, but suffice it to say, I wasn't going anywhere....

So here's the problem. it's getting way to warm to run at any time other than 1st thing in the morning; we're talking upper 80's to low 90's UGH!!!. Second, this was supposed to be my last long run then I would start my taper my long runs to 12 and 8 miles. Now, since I didn't get the 20 miler in, I'll have to get in a 14 or 16 miler next weekend.


Monday's class was demo practice. I'm doing a modified kamaset 2 (again!). This is the 3rd or 4th demo I've done this kata. I think it's a great kata and I love the kama weapons, but I'm really ready to do something else. Thursday's class was great because it was "Spotlight Week" which meant NO BUGO!!!! Friday's class was a good "happy hour" class. Saturday morning candidate's class was good; we started with a good cardio workout and then worked on most of the forms/katas (bookset, XMA forms 1 & 2, chuck form 2 and the bo staff). It was a good karate week; I got in all 4 classes and did 5 days of "extra" work.

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