Thursday, May 22, 2008

Baby Birdies & Countdown to San Diego RNR

A bird has made her home in my old (not being used anymore) ashtray sitting on top of our tv on the back patio. Mama bird has been on her nest for a few days so I think we're going to have baby birdies soon!

Marathon Countdown has begun!! June 1st is almost here!!!

On Monday I did my "usual" pre-karate run. I ran 4.01 in 40:53. I wore my "new" Nike air pegasus that I got for the marathon and have been slowly "breaking in". I kept my orthotics in my "old" Brooks and bought some heel inserts for the Nikes. The thought was for the marathon, I'd wear Nikes + heel insert which weigh considerably less than the Brooks + orthotics. But, I'm now feeling pain in my right heel. So......

On Wednesday, I ran my loop around the neighborhood, running 5.05 in 52:29. For that run, I wore my Brooks + orthotics. And my heel definitely felt better. So, for my next run, I'm going to take the orthotics from the Brooks & move to the Nikes and see how that works.

I made it to karate on Monday and Tuesday, for class and SWAT. In class, we were introduced to XMA chuck form 1. We'll be working on that kata for the next couple months. I think I got most of it down pretty good; I'll just need to work on getting all the details nice and crisp. I did my "extras" on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

So it's now Thursday night and I have to go pack for the weekend. The kids are bowling in the state tournament again this year. And again this year, it's being held in Orlando. So, the kids and I will leave Friday after I get out of work. We should arrive close to 9pm. Saturday will be the "short" day, it's the Singles bowling (only 3 games). Sunday is the "long" day since they'll bowl 3 games for Teams and 3 games for Doubles. Saturday after bowling, we'll head out to Universal Studios. I'm so psyched because the new "Simpsons" ride just opened up this month. Cowabunga dude!!!! We're heading home Sunday night. The kids would love to stay there through Monday (like we did last year). But since my marathon is the following weekend, I need that Monday to pack for the trip to San Diego, plus actually have a day "off".

Day off!!!! Who am I kidding, there's no such thing as a "day off" with kids!!!

Till the next blog, Run long.........

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