Sunday, March 1, 2009

Saturday was a great running day! It started with the "5K for a Better Day" race. This is the 1st in a series of 3 races known as "3 For the Road". The race started at Broward General Hospital, went north to the New River and then east along the river for about 1/2 a mile. Then we headed back south to the hospital for the finish line.

The temperature very comfortable (low 70's) with little, if any breeze. I hadn't run at all since the marathon the prior Sunday so I was ready to put in some effort, but I haven't really done any kind of speed work so I wasn't too sure how the race would go. Anyways, I set a quasi-goal of 27:45; right around a 9:15 per mile pace.

I did very well in keeping a relatively steady pace, and tried to not keep looking at my watch. I was able to finish with a nice sprint at the end and finished in 27: 11. I finished 138th out of 393 overall and 7th out of 30 for my age group. Pretty cool!!!

This is a picture of the "medals" they gave away for the race. Very tropical!

There are 2 more races in the "3 For the Road" series. The 2nd race is the St. Paddy 4 miler and it's on March 14th. The final event is the Riverwalk 5 miler. The series combines the times for all 3 races and everyone who completes all 3 events gets a medal and some really cool stuff.

As quickly as I crossed the finish line for my 5k, I had to hurry up and get to St. Thomas Aquinas High School for the ABCC Track Meet. Ryan is on the St. Jerome track team this year and was competing in the mile event. Last year, Lauren participated and it was a long, hot day. This year was much better. First of all, one of the parents brought a tent/canopy thing. Plus everyone brought drinks and food. So between the events we were comfortable and it was a nice day hanging out with the kids and other parents.

But, the best part of the day was seeing how well all the kids at St. Jerome did. Ryan came in 11th out of 23 for the mile, finishing with a time of 6:58!!! I was so proud of him!!!
The school as a whole did awesome! They took won 1st place for the girl's mile, 800m, 100m, and 200m. The relay teams did very well. The school placed in many events, both in track and field. The girls came in 2nd place overall and the boys took 6th place. It was a fantastic event!! I can't wait for next year!!!
They sent out the pics from the A1A marathon. Because there were so few marathoners, they took lots of pictures of me towards the end of the race. Unfortunately, I was only somewhat smiling in 1 of them!

That's all for now folks!!

Dani :)

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