Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Beijing Olympics

Well, it's been 2 weeks since my last post. And it's no coincidence that it's the same amount of time that I was glued to my TV watching the Olympics. Yes, I will admit it. I am an Olympics junkie.

Normally, I am not a big TV watcher. Maybe the local news while I'm getting ready in the morning, or in the evening, some HGTV or the Food Network; if I have some spare time (yeah right!). Usually I have so much going on that I don't have time for TV. But, there are 2 things that will guarantee that I will be glued to the TV; (1) the Olympics and (2) Gator football.

The Olympics
  • The Olympics were awesome this year for a number of reasons.....
  • #1: Michael Phelps; need I say anything more?
  • #2: 41 year old Dara Torres and the 38 year old Rumania ladies marathon gold medalist. They proved you don't have to be in your early 20's to Win!
  • #3: My kids are at the age where they really got into the Olypmics; they are at that "impressionable age" where they appreciate the athleticism and competitiveness; and they are inspired! Lauren really enjoyed watching Michael Phelps. Ryan and I watched the mens marathon. After watching that, he came to a much greater appreciation of my marathon finish (although my time was way off the Olympic record!).

I think this Olympics broadcast was the most diverse that I've seen, The kids were able to see a wide variety of different sports, much more than they are typically exposed to. NBC did a great job in their broadcasts; and I always enjoy watching Bob Costas and Chris Collingsworth.

Watching the swimming and diving has made an impact on my kids. Last week, Ryan asked to go to the Ft. Lauderdale Swimming Hall of Fame pool. We started out at the diving boards. The 1 meter spring board was great. We were able to do our dives. Moving up to the 3 meter springboard was a bit more nerve-racking. I did 2 front dives. I now know why the Olympic lady divers wear a one-piece bathing suit. Both of my dives resulted in me losing my bottoms. Let's hope I made enough splash to cover my "moonings"!!! Ryan wanted to dive off the high board so bad. The lifeguard, myself, and other people around the diving area gave him so much encouragement. But ultimately, he couldn't do it.

Watching the closing ceremonies, both kids mentioned they would like to go to the Olympics. We talked about what it would take to get to the 2012 Olympics and it is an attainable goal. So, the goal is now printed and hanging on the office wall; "London 2012".

Gator Football
College football gets started for me this coming Saturday, August 30th; UF vs. Hawaii! But the game I've been waiting 3 years for is the following Saturday, September 6th; UF vs. UM. And it is at the Swamp. Oh, how cool it would be to be at that game. I can only dream. I am so looking forward to UF kicking some UM ass!!! And then rubbing it in to all the UM fans that I must deal with on a daily basis.

Training: Running
I've gotten in a number of runs in the past couple weeks.
  • Wednesday: 6.16 miles; 1:07:40
  • Thursday: 3 miles; 28:46
  • Friday: 5.81 miles; 59:38
  • Saturday: 6.92 1:13:12; AND!! 1 mile timed run: 7:12
  • Sunday: 7.25; 1:15:48
  • Total mileage: 30.14!!!!
  • Monday: 4.14; 38:12
  • Wednesday: 6.09; 1:01:33
  • Saturday: 2: 15:12
  • Sunday: 6.02; 58:43
  • Total Mileage: 18.25 YUCK!!!
  • As of today (8/26/08), only 67 more days till my marathon!! I changed my flight to NY, deciding to come in a day sooner so I can go to the expo on Friday and leave Saturday as a "rest up" day.
  • Right now I'm at that stage where I am half excited and half scared. Mostly the half scared part since I'm not getting in as much "hill training" as I know I need.

Training: Karate

So far the month of August has been a good month for my karate training. I've gotten in my classes, SWAT classes, my "extras" strength workouts and runs. My timed runs have gone great. I'm confident in my forms. My weapon katas are much better and I finally have American Bo Form down and getting my details tight. I've been working on my bugo (sparring) skills and my confidence is bugo is improving.

The Rest of My Life

The realtor is coming by tomorrow night so that the house can be put on the market. There's still lots that needs to be done to "stage" the house. Plus, this Labor Day weekend I need to study for my Nebraska MPJE pharmacy law exam scheduled for the 2nd week of September. UGH, so much to do, so little time........

Speaking of time, it's time for me to post this blog!



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