Thursday, January 1, 2009

08 Victory List and 09 Goals

Happy New Year!!!! Ah, the traditions of New Years Day. The pork roast and College Football bowl games. And now I am sitting down to reflect on my victories of 2008 and set my goals for 2009.

As we say in karate, "Goals we set are goals we get". Well, for 2008, I set some very lofty goals. And, I achieved all that I set out to, and then some!

(1) Half-marathon: I finished my half-marathon 15 minutes faster than my goal time.

(2) Career: I made the move to another company; the people and position are great!!!

(3) Full marathon: I ran the San Diego Rock & Roll marathon with my sister

(4) Another full marathon: I was lucky enough to win the "lottery" and got into the New York City marathon, setting a 44 minute PR

(5) Karate: I'm now a 2nd degree black belt.

(6) Quit Smoking: The goal that I am most proud of accomplishing is quitting smoking. I was able to end a 25 year relationship with the Marlboro man.

So what's next? How do I top all that?


I think I'll try to do 1-2 marathons a year; but my quest will be for quality, not quantity. I'll definitely going to try to get into New York again. And again, and again, and again! But other than New York, I'm going to pick marathons that help to justify travel to a new place; such as Dublin, Maui, Marine Corps, London , Disney and Antartica (my son wants to join me for that trip!). My time goal is to run under 4:30; that's a 27 minute improvement or 1 minute per mile, which is very attainable.

So far I've already signed up again for the Miami ING half-marathon. My time goal will be 2:05. Last year, 4 of us from karate ran it. This year, I think there's about 12 of us running. It should be fun!. And in February, I'm going to run the Ft. Lauderdale A1A marathon. This is a nice flat marathon so I'm going to set a goal of 4:37, which would be a 20 minute PR over New York.


I have to wait 3 years before I will be eligible to test for my 3rd degree. So I have some time to just enjoy class and hone my skills. The dojo focused on MMA in '08 (Mixed Martial Arts). I'm not a big MMA fan; I enjoy watching the fights on TV, but I'm not a big jiu jitsu fan. I'm not sure what the dojo is going to focus on this year, but I'm going to work on my weapons skills, chucks and kamas.

Personal: Since I'm not in training for karate, I should have some "extra" time. I'm hoping to use that to develop my web site and put my business plan into action. But more on that to come in future blogs!

Good night!


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