Friday, July 18, 2008

Blah, Blah, Blah

After the trip to New York last week, this week seemed pretty "blah".

  • I got in 3 classes this week; Monday, Tuesday and Friday. Friday was BBC night (Black Belt Club) and was on MMA (mixed martial arts). Kyoshi taught class; that in itself makes it a great class.
  • Wednesday was exam night and I was on the demo team. I did cross through kicking, was the ouki (attacker) for self-defense and then ended the demo with 10 count kicking (X-block). I don't think we've done it since I was a blue belt. It's pretty basic, but looks really nice! I felt really good with my performance!
  • Because I missed 3 days of work last week, I stayed late almost every night. Which meant I didn't have time to run on Monday or Tuesday night before karate, or Wednesday night before the demo. Thursday was supposed to be my run night. But personal issues prevented that. So I had to relegate running to the weekend.
  • Saturday I ran at the OP running park. Here the course is gravel which is gentler on my knees. But it really sucks when a piece of gravel gets in your shoes!!)*#*@*&($. The other annoyance about the run park is that the marked distances are wrong. According to my Garmin, "their" mile is really only 0.88 miles. I had planned on running 5 miles, but it was late afternoon and very hot!!! I ended up doing 3.33 miles in 32:01
  • Sunday was my long run. I decided to modify my "normal" beach run. I started at the Galleria mall (free parking), ran over the Sunrise bridge to A1A and turned south to the 17th Street Causeway bridge. After crossing the bridge and getting to my 4 mile halfway point, I turned around and ran back. Around mile 6 I had to stop at the 7-11 to get some gatorade since I drank all 4 bottles on my hydration belt. I ended up running 8.02 miles in 1:27:53. Again, not too bad considering the bridges, heat and humidity.
  • Wednesday I took the MPJE (multistate pharmacy jurisprudence exam) for Louisiana. There are 5 states that require out-of-state (mail order) pharmacies to have a pharmacist on staff be licensed in their state in order to provide prescriptions to their residents. The states are Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Nebraska and Louisiana.
  • Most states do not reciprocate licenses with Florida because Florida doesn't reciprocate with other states. So, last year I got licensed in Kentucky via examination. I took the NAPLEX exam; which, after being out of pharmacy school for 14 years, was quite a challenge But I did well, passing with a score of 120 (75 is required to become licensed). My NAPLEX exam when I first got licensed in Florida was 119! Now I am using my Kentucky license to become licensed in LA, NB, TN and AR via reciprocity. This means I only have to take the law exam for each of these states. The exam is comprised of federal pharmacy law and state law questions.
  • I definitely didn't prepare well enough. I mean, I studied; I read front to back the Federal Pharmacy Law book and read every Louisiana statue/regulation relating to pharmacy. But alot of pharmacy law is "learned"; you learn it and live it. Since I'm not actually practicing in Louisiana, it didn't really "stick" when I read the laws. Or at least, not well enough for my liking.
  • The exam is a computerized, adaptive test; meaning, it changes the future questions based on your answers. Well, I got the same question 3 times, with the wording just slighty different on each one. So either I kept getting it wrong, or they were "test" questions for future exams. Either way, I'm not too sure how I did. I think I did well enough to pass; but I'll just have to wait the 10 days for the results.......Worse case scenario, another $175 and take the exam again......

And that's about all for now folks....


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  1. I used to work near the the Miami Herald's Broward bureau, no idea if it's still there. That's a great running course! I remember doing X blocks, too. :) You are doing so great and are going to rock the NYC Marathon.