Saturday, June 28, 2008

Happy 4th of July!!!

Happy 4th!!! I just love 3-day holiday weekends, don't you!!!!!

I've been procrastinating in posting my blog. Mostly because I don't have much to report. I've gone from from having a really awesome week to regressing into 2 weeks of blahdom.

Training Week #2:

  • 2 karate classes: one "A" day class, one "B" day "Bugo/sparring" class
  • 0 SWAT classes
  • 3 days of extras
  • 1 run: 2.04 miles in 19:14

Training Week #3:

  • 2 karate classes: two "A" day classes (dojo closed Friday & Saturday, bummer!)
  • 2 SWAT classes
  • 3 days of extras
  • 3 runs: 12.44 miles; average pace 9:48 min/mi

"Extras" can vary from week to week, depending on what Master KC wants us to do. But I try to always get in a minimum of 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats and 100 side kicks (50 off of each leg) per "extra".

SWAT stands for special winning attitude team. When you are a candidate for black belt, part of the black belt cycle is "SWATTING" where you assist the instructors in classes for the lower belts. By helping to teach others, it reinforces the candidate's skills and drills. It takes 3-4 years to earn a black belt, and along the way you learn lots of different skills, drills, katas, etc. Swatting helps you to "re-master" everything. Plus, you get to know the students coming up in the system. And it's always great to see them learn and test for their new belts. They become your "babies" (in a good way!!!).

Since I am going for my 2nd degree black belt, I have to go through 2 cycles. Each cycle is 16 weeks of torture (and I mean that in a good way!). Each week you have to get in 4 classes; 3 "regular" classes plus Saturday morning candidate class. You have to get in 4 "extras" session, 4 runs and 3 SWAT classes. The 1st cycle is coming to a close. The candidates for August just finished Power Week. Power Week is the actual black belt test. The candidates actually get their black "belts" at the Black Belt Spectacular which will be held on July 26th. The "Spectacular" is where they get to show off their skills! If all goes well for me, I will have my "spectacular" on December 6th. But, it's looking like Power Week will be the same week as the New York Marathon. So I'll just have to wait and see how the scheduling goes.

I have not been running as often or for as far as I should be or want to be. My right knee is still hurting and the pain behind my right heel hasn't gotten better. I am starting to be concerned. I think I will make an appointment with a podiatrist. The running store gave me the name of a DPM who is also a runner. I am using orthotics that are close to 14 years old, so I probably need a newer pair. My heel pain started after switching from my Brooks to Nikes; I have since gone back to my trusty old Brooks.

But I have to start seriously training for NYC. I can't take too many more weeks off. Between the heat/humidity of South Florida and my aching, aging body, training for NYC marathon will be a challenge! But, I have always loved a challenge; the tougher the better!

Run strong,


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